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About Us

LOVE TO FISH: This phrase pretty well sums it up for myself, and the other guides associated with Alberta Wilderness Fishing Charters.

Experience: Each of us spending approximately 500 hours a year on the water fishing in, or preparing for tournaments, have developed and perfected techniques and systems for just about any condition. It is this experience and enthusiasm that we want to share with our guests.

Comfort. We also wondered why someone would want to pay thousands of dollars to sit in some tin boat with a hard seat, and just guess where the good fishing is. Enjoy the comfort of our tournament style fishing boats, equipped with all the latest equipment, and let our guides take you to the fish.

Safety: Being the owner of the Canadian Safety Corporation , and writer of the Canadian Coast Guard Accredited boating course, Canadian Watercraft Safety Training, the safety of our clients is first and foremost. All of our guides are hand picked and trained in boating safety. (most are also boating safety instructors)

Personalized Service: We will do everything in our power to make your trip an enjoyable, and memorable one. Working closely with each client, I will set up a vacation that best suits each individual guest, according to their requirements. This includes assisting you with transportation and accommodation arrangements if required. We can assist you with motor home rentals, car rentals, cabin rentals, or what ever you may prefer.

To plan a trip like this, we need to be in direct contact with each guest several times prior to your trip, to ensure all the details are taken care of, and we have selected the right trip for you. Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns you have, or to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Alberta Wilderness Fishing Charters
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